Hester Wernert – Rijn

raging utopian

invariably coherent throughout her fiery career, Hester exhales a signature of topical sauciness and calculated vigour

• •

Under the Influence, Blommers & Schumm, Purple, Vivianne Sassen, W-magazine, Dazed & Confused, NOWNESS, Missoni, Calvin Klein, Wella, Petrovsky & Ramone, Numero, POP Magazine


Kathinka Gernant

amorous analyst

with international collaborations buzzing hitherto, Kathinka pursues missions with intellect and delicacy, a gentle hand proving seamless craft

• •

Bart Hess, Viviane Sassen, POP Magazine, Hercules Magazine, Duy Vo, Fantastic Man, Mark Borthwick, Erwin Olaf, Vogue, Calvin Klein, Annemarieke van Drimmelen, Numéro, Blommers & Schumm, Alique, Petrovsky & Ramone


Bram Spaan

executive middleman

Bram captures the biotic distinction rooted in all artifacts - rudimentary and direct; the verdict is displayed by a well-equipped artisan

• •

Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, G-STAR, Scotch & Soda, Bols, PATTA, Coca Cola


Lonneke van der Palen

neoteric brainbox

candid juxtaposition, curious momentum – a golden question mark – with Lonneke, all obscurities are justified

• •

Numero, Stylist Magazine , Foam Magazine, L’officiel, ING, DDW, Ace & Tate, Sephora, Germans Ermics, KaDeWe


Venus Waterman

intercultural diamond

this lady is bang on time; straight up fashion, eminently solid, feminine enterprise, sassy conviction, borderless elegance - let us not beat around the bush: its crucial Venus!

• •

Oyster, V Magazine, Glamcult, L'officiel FR, Hypebeast, Petrovsky & Ramone, A Magazine, Duy Vo, Alique, S Magazine


Jules Julien

pensive egghead

a gentle probe meets blatant resistance; scepticism meets innocence: Jules Julien bestows his empirical dexterity towards a placid display, screwy on the mind yet soothing to the eye

• •

Apple, Cartier, Citizen K, Cole Haan, Commons & Sense, Durex, Fader magazine, Google, Lancôme, Neon magazine, Nike, Sony Playstation, The New York Times magazine


Pablo Delfos

cardinal experimentalist

flooding the industry with his work, ranging from portrait to urban-abstract, and scooping up fashion campaigns as he goes – ever obsessive and unavoidably womanizing; Pablo just won’t stop!

• •

L’uomo Vogue, Adidas, L’officiel, Volkskrant Magazine, Ace & Tate, Harper's Bazaar


Sanja Marusic

inner worker

prudently navigating through the walls of our interior - and depicting sentiments commonly lying dormant, Sanja exposes us to yet another reality

• •

Fucking Young!, Sony, Glamcult, Volkskrant, Coeval Magazine , Opera la Monnaie, Redken, Top Notch, Pias, Sony, Rabobank, Theater Bellevue

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